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Our Mission: Chakras House Natural Products is a company dedicated to providing high quality natural products to you, the consumer. With the vast array of natural products on the market, we believe that anything you use for your wellness should contain only the highest quality ingredients possible, and that they work with the greatest effectiveness.

Our Goals: Looking to the future, we want to continue to provide things that are practical and beneficial to you. We like the idea that the end result of our work is making a difference. Our thoughts are always on good customer service and ethical business values. We buy locally, never test on animals, and recycle as much packaging material as possible. We strive to improve our current products and develop new and useful ones. We also endeavor to create efficient manufacturing methods to help keep costs down.

Our History: Chris and Ted Goldman have been working on Chakras House since July of 2011 and officially opened it up four months ago. Chris has been in the medical field for over 30 years and is a accomplished esthetician as well. Chakras House is a healthy haven for those interested in learning about health/wellness, organic products, assorted Sovereign Silver supplements, veganism, skin and hair care ( exfolliations are also available ), detoxification products, weight loss and life changes. One on one coaching is available and individual nutracueticals for purchase. Or just come and relax, have a cup of organic tea, and read for free at our "inspiration bar" Health seminars, cancer support meeting are also available as well as "Cellfood", an all-natural plant based, yeast and gluten free product and Aubrey organic hair and skin care. Free skin analysis with our new "Skin Scope" machine. Community based education is a priority for our non-profit, focusing on cancer prevention using antioxidants, pure aloe and nopal juices, aloe creams, raw unfiltered honey and much more. "Chakra" Goldman was our beloved border collie who lost her battle with nasal cancer August of 2010. So we have added healthy organic products for our four legged friends





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